Monday, December 12, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #350 hop-on-hop-off bus Santiago

our last full day and we've missed this and that
the hop-on-hop-off bus to the rescue
it takes us to all the places we couldn't get to
Moneda Palace where Chile's history was changed
with the coup on the other September 11 in 1973

we talk about the sacking of Whitlam with our friends
they have never heard of these events in Australia
Allende and Whitlam both had visions for better countries
they believed in supporting the arts education
and social reform so the gaps would reduce

none of us expected miracles but what we got
was better what happened later was worse
then worse again and now we are scraping
the bottom of the barrel in worseness
the optimist in me constantly hopes for better times

the bus takes us to a place where we can drink
coffee go for a wander to my favourite shop
back on board we pass through Bellavista
which we meant to visit and finally we are dropped
not far from where we stay walk home sundrenched


  1. Bravo, Susan. Cuba and Chile were once my passions. In your inimitable way, you've brought it all back.


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