Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Catch of the Soft Lamp by Emma McKervey #10

The Catch of the Soft Lamp

When lightening strikes the Holly Tree the fierce discharge passes
through the densely fibred white wood trunk, through the branches,
twigs, leather shined leaves and out in little electric threads from each spine
upon those leaves.  The whole of the Holly must be fired in a tracery
of blinding lace, an instant seared to the closed lids of any woodland watchers.
If a Holly Tree was struck in the heart of a Holly grove perhaps the touching
familial trees would each pass on the dissipating bolt, carrying that weakening charge
farther from its source, until a feeble spark is caught in the corner of an eye
on the copse’s edge; some weary farmer at the end of day drawing shut the drapes
against the wind, seeing only that last flake of glitter fading to the ground
and barely questioning its flash, thinking it the catch of the soft lamp
in a rain drop on the pane, flung to near distance by some trick of this wild dark.
Whilst above it all the mistle thrush throws out its lonely storm freed song.


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