Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 273 - Onkaparinga not

Onkaparinga   not

it gets to be vital that
 sookiness of blanket and the fingers fall deep

inside responding fleece
your brain knows how cheap

this brand    how dangerous
the fabric      to the foothold of the species

on the land that holds your back
you hold it to your chin

craving   run a thumbnail
on the satinated trim

the little cricket calling
mother hug’s returning

why does a sickroom smell
like a sausage at a bbq

are you tricked yet
can you hear me

what more does it take


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  3. I found snakes once
    in my RM Williams boots
    and soon developed a distaste
    my Drizzabone was stolen
    it was left abandoned
    in a submerged car
    for seven months plus
    and lost its properties
    the second wife (probably)
    took my Akubra hat
    flyblown now at the tip
    the things I counted on
    all departed long ago
    the things most precious
    we have here together
    so I think I'll sing
    will you still need me
    will you still feed me
    when I'm 64

  4. wasn't that blanket a prize on BP Pickabox

    1. right after the gas bottle and the pickledeli


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