Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sky # 110 Claine Keily

After he hit her
she stopped loving
read Eliot, then Irigaray
remembered why she had
run away
remembered the places
of caves and limestone
and horses
she had hoped to inhabit
instead she had found only
dark alleyways

"No more" she said to him
handing back the camera
he had loaned her
then removing her dark coat
to reveal the scar
he had given her

She moved towards the
view of the lighthouse
under the early morning
bruise of a sky


  1. So good. So gripping.
    Lord. Lord. Claine,
    I hope this ends with
    a flight horizontal, not vertical.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh I see what you mean. No the persona does not jump off the cliff. The lighthouse is a symbol of hope. Maybe I should rewrite this poem so the positive nature of the ending is clearer.

    3. OK. But it's clear that she's just looking at it. She isn't actually going to the lighthouse. :)

    4. Okay thanks Rob. I value your close readings and response to my work x

  2. Fantastic Claine. So powerful and gripping. Hope she's still reading Eliot and Irigaray (& Woolf?)


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