Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kit Kelen #567 - gospel


no church in the trees
no cloud temples

here I am at the turning
all my own dark

no beard beginning all

gravity, kinesis
all carrying across

just meaning

no hand to turn this world
or any of the numberless others

no fakery among the stones arranged
just where they are fallen

in the heart there's not a thorn
wire's barbed just where we twist

no church in the trees
no cloud temples

here I am
and having to shine
through my own dark

let's just take the eye
let's put an ear to it
let's touch

dim the day
when prayer was invented

Earth is a birth

no science to the miracle
no miracles in science

dust and wind
and fire and rain
all elemental
my dear

the ship's not safe because of a saint

no, it's all us
the everywhere
no one-ness to it
except all are

shape of the world
was always a question

mumble a spell
cast your curse

we are the story
to tell

among the gods
in everything
it's we are the selves

no cloud temples
no church in the trees

it's falls to us
to talk


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