Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kit Kelen #572 - what does a house hold?

what does a house hold?

years of course
except when they are all to come
and it's only world at arm's length

that's holding og
roof up
keeps sky over above

and for the householder then
radio spins tunes
moods are made of

everything was new once

but a house holds
years in
old tantrums
a fly-through
a crawl in the gaps

and they grow
the weird sadness

or a sneeze
say, tickle

a house holds every echo

each dream day forgets
hard words then forgiving

like a census stuck
on a question we no longer ask

has a vintage
when a garden grows to it
hard trimmed

so much coffee, tea
sleep comes at last

you make your own madness here
you wish

under the doors and through windows
comes day
later leaks away

a house holds
the faces of those loved

treasures that are time ahead
truth won't go away


  1. good question mate
    what does a bug house
    how will a loony bin
    all the treasures
    a head

  2. that's a poem start, Rob
    ... reminds me of a song Elvis Costello sings

    1. Ha. Maybe.

      Mate, what's that 4th line 'og roof'?

  3. it's a nice poem Kit, but are the cobwebs up or down?

  4. I've enjoyed this poem too - coffee, tea, echoes & madness - it's all here in the house hold. But I was wondering about the og roof' too?


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