Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rob Schackne #409 - A Faint Dictionary Of Scars (6) "If you're very lucky"

If you're very lucky
It'll take place outdoors
There's an early chance to run
The drill happens somewhere
In classrooms of the demented
The feeble-minded and insane

If my body is ruined

And my mind is poisoned
Why then is this citizen
So intent in a bar on a poem
Eight miles of wishes high
While lawyers wash their hands

In the mirror behind bottles
Look at the people behind
Our case drifting in dreams
Education always elsewhere
I study the cliché with hope
A woman does the crossword

If my brain is scarred
And my estimate correct
The missing word was grace
You learned it in your room
Or one morning by the creek
Forgotten you thought


  1. clouds gather till the creek remembers
    then the creek's absconding


    1. the trees are
      without a wind
      to wave bye-bye


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