Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #568 - nightlines


get the grimness gone

we're of the instant
here, lying down
drawn out

taking our dark like a pill

then the things you say inside are true
what you tell yourself is news

draw the flowers
and you must smell them
you only have to do it in your head

time is a hammer in the early hours
the telling tap
or there's the heartbeat of the house

we're ghosts
now it's the animals rule
only they can talk

there's all the light fallen to us
there's all the dark we hold

you can't read
a way back in

trussed in time time all sorts
and colour patched and spat

am I drifting down?
am I to upfurl?

committing to ephemera
now that I am here

a bird sings into morning
but at first you can't be sure

forget the thing you meant to mean
must check the grey for that

alarm clock
ever bent on revenge
for all of those bashings before

it's always
what's for breakfast then

a call
as of the wild

a clock seen from above
would show all down the drain

remember you're the most dangerous animal
that should cheer you up

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