Monday, July 10, 2017

Rob Schackne #390 - Rockers Out (7) "They were busy reconfirming"

They were busy reconfirming
it's Original Content Only here
seemed like a key part of the dream
my saxophone was still in the case
a few serious notes coming from it
and I was starting to get bored
waiting to get up and start playing
to seven people in a disused warehouse
in a jazz club called Never Freud's
the room filled as we were setting up
it was a great night with impossible content
we led the kids out when the fire started
the manager says it's time for the third set


  1. simply fail to follow
    then you must make your own way

    ... notes towards a possible villanelle??

    1. Ha. I know as much about writing a villanelle as a rabbit, Kit. I maybe wrote one once as penance for something I won't go into here. I won't work for a historical precedent or for a giant multinational either. But I hope you enjoy following the Rockers Out. :)


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