Monday, July 17, 2017

Kristen de Kline #113 all over the place

all over the place     can't string a line
together     pull a seam apart     can't

pack another box your house my life     photos blackened
taunt from the wallpaper    peroxide bleaches out

your daughter our son    in an Oxford Street photo-booth
the two of us kiss     triplicate images roll out

pull the velvet curtain closed     don't look to the light
it's raining this time another photo-booth another city we've stopped kissing

somebody     something


a hanged man flees the Tarot deck     his muscles concertina
around my neck, press down hard     something

snaps     wish bone? heart string? valve?

willow pattern mosaic shards     float     all over the place
decorating the kitchen like snowflakes   that plate, you aimed it at my head

I duck     it's not a plastic Frisbee     something
somebody     snaps  


all over the place


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  2. I should not wish
    a plastic frisbee
    to be ducked
    but steel metal
    head the target
    my god memories
    heart valve strings
    wonder we survive them
    dictionary of scars
    look how we walk

  3. Off the plane down the ramp
    There's a beach somewhere
    Look how we walk
    Red dictionary of scars
    We don't look back
    Off the plane down the ramp

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    1. Hey Rob, there was a great comment from you last night re writing the body, the dictionaryu (or autobiography?) of scars which I tried to respond to last night but my mobile wasn't working - now I've come to respond to it and it's vanished :(

    2. Dear Kristen, Yes I wrote it. Not that great, as I recall - but the idea has been on my mind for quite a while. There were perhaps a few poems. I think that a song cycle could cover the body - until it occurs to me that most of what has happened to it isn't even known to me. So, the plan to write the body, as a dictionary of scars, comes and goes. Separated from the mind, sometimes not. Clearly a subject, but a very deft touch for the old scars please!

    3. That was it Rob - a song cycle that deals with the writing of the body as a dictionary of scars - love the subject. Fabulous idea!

  5. ah -- the longstanding working title for my autobiography (if I ever get it together)

    1. Work on not acquiring any more to put in it, mate. :)

    2. Kit, I'm sure with your prolific output, it's a matter of collecting the poems - that are all over the place - & assembling them :)

  6. Ahhh but the body is such a filthy fibber eh!

    1. Too true Kerri - it hides many secrets.


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