Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 286 - Review Copy

Review Copy

So you get paid by the word
do you   make them up
 do you hold them in the back of your head
or do you collect them
 like seashells

like rocks
like the clothes I see spilled out your wardrobe
that speak to a smaller you
a different-shaped girl

I saw those words all
frolicking up the hill
before the trucks came
mercilessly herding
 round and down

shots fired
and the crunch under the wheel
the stink of the blood in the dirt
you got them all in
and counted
by the close of business
that’s today


  1. Terra Nullius he said, in his defense.

  2. Ouch ouch ouch - those last two stanzas are so chilling (& atmospheric - I can really picture that scene).
    Powerful stuff Kerri :)


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