Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kit Kelen #555 - a pillow talk snoozing / somatic

a pillow talk snoozing / somatic

a dream is all middle
you find this when you tug at the ends
and now you're travelling
telling to one who lies just next door
still in the fabric deep

you tell me about the tunnel
you know I can't see out
I tell you about the moving footway
Björn and I were on
a tight squeeze between library shelves
but I was awake by then

everything's dry now
but the tongue is self moistening
like a postage stamp is now

shines inside
but a certain light kills it

who's in there?
I could be anywhere
and here I am

while you're with day away
and the story is frayed
into natural light

the radio sings
so much for modernity

your dizzy whiff flower
forgets its seed
and the bed below

the only stretch
is for sky

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