Friday, July 21, 2017

Rob Schackne #402 - "Don't tell my family and friends"

Don’t tell my family and friends
Throw my ashes into the sea
Tell my family and friends
I was never an enemy of the State
The world now knows this much
How the State hates its children
It will destroy itself unless it wakes
My ashes now drift with the tide
Having finally reached the bottom
And now they are as free as free
It’s a little darker than prison
And a little less dark than time
Please tell my family and friends
My ashes were thrown into the sea
But my heart was a hopeful one
And my dissent was because of love


  1. And I read today that people were at beaches around the world to help send Liu Xiao Bo to his rest...

  2. all states destroy themselves
    and with them vanish their immortal illusions
    and the fantasy they were forever before


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