Monday, July 24, 2017

Kit Kelen #569 - time please

time please

time is all beyond me
just out the window there

time was before me as well
and time is winging in

so delicate, diaphanous

I'm for the river
I'm washed off

towards the all I need to know
I dedicate my time

the story is telling me
that's the arrow

I'm listening
to be proven

I'm at the heart of it
pierced, bleeding

the mouse is on a timer
treads the turning heart

I'm the one who fired it off

I'm listening for the tick-tock
I'm on the beat, I'm off

the arrow turns
the calendar runs up a wall
time will be where I'm behind

confusions of the dawn dusk light

it's like this
it's a life's work to be in the moment

where I will take my time


  1. Kit, your time poems really rock! Everytime I try penning a poem about time, it often comes across as very trite & clichéd ... I don't know how you consistently manage to pull off such awesome time poems but you do. You've got it down to a fine art :))


    1. (bring back the clichés
      they need to be amped up)

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