Monday, July 3, 2017

Kit Kelen #548 - cross patching

cross patching

no one knows why
this grumpy waking

you should see the view!

but it's hard like that at sea
with a sky gull gifted

sometimes you hear the heart beating all night
and it need not be your own

that breathing could be any ocean

but it's like last night's dishes are left
like you've woken again to the unending list
the rats and the roaches cleared out with first light
so now you bundy on

some days
squeeze yourself out like toothpaste
like flat on the brush and watch out for teeth

then I suggest to pay attention
stop in your tracks before setting foot

gulls are all arcs of my window and gone
is there a time lapse setting?

then in the heat a breeze comes to me

a clarinet comes clear through that
as if the radio were invented
even here
even now

breakfast is everywhere in such a world
breakfast is with you now
needn't end

then it's just one love beam
dissolves into bliss

feet of the leap are toughened
it's friction keeps us so long in the air

and will the grizzling go?
so much more to slough – it's why we're away

it's just before that moment
you realize you're about to have been on a great adventure
because you're almost home

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