Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kit Kelen #367 - 1 - Groundhog Year

Groundhog Year

rise and shine campers!

this is the year the world
stuffs itself with cream puff
drives over and over the cliff
scoffs at best advice
because it knows the blizzard is coming,
knows because it's been here before

let's see
in January – Hitler's made Chancellor
that was some fancy footwork

in February – the Reichstag Fire
followed the day after by a decree
puts all the communists in gaol
(leaves them on the ballot paper for March though
that makes them easier to find)

you see how quickly things unfold

in America, FDR is sworn in and the New Deal begins
King Kong premieres in March
the Nazis win the Federal Election with 43% of the vote
then that's it for voting in Germany for a while

in April the first laws against the Jews
and the Nazis begin with a one-day boycott of Jewish businesses
in April the Gestapo is established

you see by what easy stages things may quickly unfold

Trade Unions are banned in Germany in May
massive book burnings begin
in June all parties other than the Nazi Party are banned

you see how quickly the world is changed

July – in India Gandhi goes to gaol
Germany begins forced sterilizations on eugenics grounds
in October Einstein arrives at Princeton to stay
November – Duck Soup is released – everyone sings 'Hail Freedonia'

I won't mention the years that followed

just to remind
K Mart shoppers
it's true that every American wins a prize

two cars in the garage
and now the old factory shines again

how glorious the past of our glories
isn't it great to be great again

tautology's too long a word for me

what year are we living now, history buffs?
hold onto your hat and see!

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  1. Happy New year, dear Kit (together with a nicely restrained, not to mention enigmatic, wss)


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