Monday, January 2, 2017

Maxime Banks #9 - Blight Beginnings

Blight Beginnings

Origins can be corporeal or spiritual. 
Dark as soot
blight beginnings
cold as space. 
The sun devours a million earths 
while scapula revelations feast on soul food. 
Rice, gravy and biscuits, 
teacakes too. 
This land is burnt
acid intestines spirit 
red clay dirt. 
Where is freedom for the famished?  
Living this This land is burnt
blight beginnings
dark as soot 
cold as space.
This land is burnt.

1-2 January 2017


  1. Terrific Maxime. Drama and pace. The images - both poem and pic - have seered into my mind.

  2. Thank you Lizz. Your feedback is appreciated. I enjoy including a photo, created on its own
    , then melanged juxtaposed with some of the words that to me seems feels an interesting, asymmetrically right.


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