Thursday, January 5, 2017

Robert Verdon, #408, Beyond Banking

walk into the bank and up to the counter
a smile forming on my lips as I walk up to
the counter
the counter with someone in green behind it
who is me in a mirror, and I am confused
(from a distance I look like a superannuated ’80s radfem)
till a lady comes up and serves me with a trace of apology, at
a computer on the kind of table once reserved
people to fill in deposit slips
not a counter at all
and I hope the shareholders are happy
but then this is the co-op Beyond Bank and I am a shareholder
and I head back to my friend absorbed in the bookshop
wondering how they stymie robbers
but then maybe I am just getting old
and I can’t
counter that
can I?


  1. I'm beyond banking assets. :)

  2. at least they can't subject you to a 'bail-in'!


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