Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kit Kelen #547 - the women are singing

the women are singing

Essaouira, Gnaoua, vii.17

it's upstairs
and they are percussion
their hands are
djembe, tamourine
the tea tray too
the little drum
I can't name
like a tangine bongo

these hands have always been busy with
they are the work and the rhythm
they are answer and call
the women are singing

are scarfs
and eyes each to the other

side to side of the head

reach out beyond the air to clap

when they dance
and when we're invited
sometimes the song is ahead of the feet

there's leaning to it
eyes close with the words

find a distance singing
the song is their knowledge
a big sea outside

a young one comes in to join them
someone's grandchild is brought in to learn
then the child is a drum too
then the rhythm is light

between they take calls on their mobiles
you can't say when it begins

a conversation leads into it

any applause will fall in with them

my tangine comes
and my breath to cool
takes on the rhythm too

it's as if the spirits
as if the colours
    were sung
so no one will need to see them
so everyone will know


  1. & I'm up there too - singing, dancing, talking :)


  2. down with the gnawa
    give me a trance
    any day you want
    at lila with spirits
    all of us singing
    up a storm and dance

  3. the grandbaby the grandbaby, I know this one well.


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