Saturday, February 4, 2017

Alone # 62 Claine Keily

Once I lived near London
in a glass panelled house
where none were allowed
to speak as they entered

There amongst whispers
over the body of
a silent child
I learnt to be alone


  1. again! go on! to me it seems this is not a finished poem... but what's at stake here has to be developped!

  2. Mmmm maybe I will finish both of the shorter poems I have written over the last couple of days at a later date. I am very much overwhelmed with job hunting at the moment and it is wearing me down. I do see the poems I have been writing over the last months as scenes from a novel, or maybe the beginning of one. I love writing the opening and closing sections of novels most of all. Perhaps some of my love of novel writing is being carried over into my poetry now.


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