Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kit Kelen #404 - the damage is already done

the damage is already done

the damage is love
and that's how we're here

to touch
is just to be with

isn't a moon
to bless beside?

aren't the stars
to wish?

a voice is such
it's not what's said

dark in the well of dreams
we bide

all under words
at swim

and whiff of waking with
not a word

the healing's here
let me hold you

let me be held
love is the damage

that's how we're here
wonders are working

with us again
first of day brings to light

then you see the damage
isn't the world shone so?

trace a scar
where the highway went

the damage is already done
dreams had to be the healing

there's no stillness proof against
morning so the music plays

limbs are lithe to it
a reaching out, a simple stretch

how naked you will be then
love is the collateral

when once upon the writhing time
are there conditions?

something missing in my education
here and there winter got in

in summer we caught fire
the hour is passing where we dwell

how is it then we mean at all?
if time turned tail

ran up itself
but who does that?

the numbness is extremity
and all between the ears

crook in the neck
back wracked lying

under covers cuddles give
into shoulder snuggle

hush as in some antique song
you mustn't say my name

then I will have no century
no nation can be mine

let's for a moment
go without saying

the damage is already done
love is the damage we do


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