Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kit Kelen #400 - in a meeting

in a meeting

a glance is cast
over a sigh

you won't see the finger pointing

yawn to snore
past cough

things go forward
let's roll eyes

someone has an idea
there is an embarrassed silence
when the hiccoughs come

not much of this is minuted

the ones with masks
must be contagious

I take a vow

in a meeting
I am writing a poem
I will publish later on
here, now
you're reading it
aren't you?
perhaps you're in another meeting already?
now hear this!

don't worry you're anonymous
in fact no names are given
the figures are really just for illustration
it's not as if anything's decided today

still, things go forward
some heads roll
some are on the mat
others on the ropes

a few are taken down a peg
a few are on the nose

there are roadblocks
not everything follows through
but we'll come back to that
send out for some more discussion
let's bookmark
we're holding our breath

in a meeting
there's no quorum for thought
some scrape through
but most lose skin

stop talking
before you embarrass yourself
here's comes the loud guffaw
some otherwise disdain

let's all roll our eyes
and cross them this time
that's for luck

shake heads
but not so they fall off
speak softly
you'll ooze calm
then others will nod limply back
and waiting for your next joke

in a meeting
leadership, decision
then someone tells the truth
(home or hard to say)

not even a gasp!
the standard procedures require no mention
best to leave the budget alone
provision will be made

it's not that no one has an opinion
but silence is a thing that's learned

at a meeting
blood boils at a much higher temperature
than it would in your office or in the air outside

from a meeting
ink emerges
something will be signed
but later on
who knows?

is there any other competent business?

it's in a meeting
I decide to throw myself under a bus
of course this is a figure of speech

in a meeting
some pass
and some amend
and many more will be rescinded

I propose a cenotaph
for those who also served


  1. hilarious! and fulfilled vow at it seems!

  2. I only get to meet with myself now.

  3. you might have experienced one of these, Beatrice? or maybe you didn't have to?


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