Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Knowing #76 Claine Keily

She knew now
that she would never again
go to resturants
so she left the cocktail dress
where it was on the floor
relieved that he would not
reach his hand across the table
to kiss her fingers again

She knew she had done well
to refuse him entry
and to give him coffee

No reason now
to accept the rice cakes
that he offered
when she was not even hungry
nor to arrange to meet him
in her newly swept apartment
on Sundays
where they would argue endlessly
about the weight of him sleeping with
women he did not know


  1. it might be a stupid question but ... I wondered ... is this rice cake an alusion to any marriage proposal? Whatever the answer is, I love the way the poem unfolds images leading it to its end and striking conclusion!

    1. No it is no allusion to a marriage proposal, but it is interesting you saw this in it.


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