Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Refusal # 71 Claine Keily

He said
"Don't do that here
the neighbours will see"
as he wiped away the dirt
from his brow. "There should be
a lawn here, and if not
all around us
will know that you are mad."

Things were going nowhere
she argued with him
about definitions
of dirt and fungus
and at night
refused to season lentils
at short notice


  1. intriguing enough to ask for some more hints about the settings!

    1. Maybe I will write another version which includes more information Beatrice.

  2. I read this poem in the middle of the night and really enjoyed it -then have just re-read it now and still love it - I think its the intrigue and all the possible ways of interpreting/reading the comments about the neighbours seeing stuff and things going nowhere - and particularly loved the way it finished off with the refusal to season lentils! Look forward to the next installment!


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