Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Penny Fang # 9 a view of the sky tunnel

a view of the sky tunnel 

in those days
I often walked down 
the lane beside the Holg building

through the slate wall
I could see the stray cat’s lost way
the sticking out branches that I tore off 
were a faint scent that night in my dream

in the afternoons before dark
I saw the grass growing lushly
to swallow up laughter and chatting 

at low tide,
Anglesey the other side
in between like the kitchen sink drained
the things of the otherwise bottom now seen 
dog walkers
and the joggers
whose faces I hardly see
passed by
with or without a brief greeting
their faces lost in the sunset glow

In the growing dark, only the bell 
tied to the dog’s neck jingled crisply
dodging past me
heavy breath
vigorous sniffing


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