Monday, February 6, 2017

Kit Kelen #398 - do you still believe?

do you still believe?

(on the day we learn that one fifth of the priests in two of the main Catholic teaching orders in Australia were fiddling with the kiddies for the last sixty years at least)

after all the wars they have called
after the judgement cast
and its carnage
after what they have done to the children
after their auto-da-fé
their endless crusades
confessions of the innocent coaxed

after the lies that they held up for fact
because what?
yes, there was something nobody knew

consider those who went from this world
thinking there was a better one
consider those told to go on with their suffering
because it was His inscrutable will

do you think this is ancient history now?
incurable faith
and those who've possessed it

of them, of you
might I simply ask –

do you still believe
that they're with God
and God's with them
and all's well with the world?

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