Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kristen de Kline #65 - all hell breaks loose

while you     were away
all hell breaks loose
bodies are wrenched out of dirt
harmonicas     bones
pulled out of dirty red bandanas
playin' soft     bones crying
windshield wipers     slappin'
time     planets turning
the sky grew dead

the day     we heard
soft bones     cried
I sat out the back
smoking again     burning
holes     the size of gold coins
in the fabric     reclining
under stars
that kept     falling, shooting

random words spilt out of the 7 o'clock news
across the fence, the elderly Dutch neighbours
have the volume     maxed up:
soil samples taken from a shovel
so where did you bury the body mate?
bushwalkers      stumbling
he said she left to clear her head
a rotting kangaroo     that's what it smelt like 

the day     we heard
I sat out the back
smoking again      burning
holes     in the sky   growing dark
darker     all of a sudden
watching planets     turn
top up the tumblers     no name Merlot
don't even think of the liver
listen to the dogs, howl
sing     the blues, moody
planets turn     soft bones wail
pull them out of a dirty red bandana:  
harmonicas     bones
scribble an obituary on the back of a napkin
where do I start what do I say


  1. Dear Kristen, So brill. Really. A balance like music, that insistent rhythm, one soundtrack of a tragedy.

  2. gathering power as it goes
    that's the way

    and I couldn't help think of Janis coming back to see what had happened while she was away ... and then I thought, why not Jimmy and Jim and well... the list could go on and on

  3. Such a good job! i love this pulse!

  4. Thanks all;) yes Kit maybe Jimmy and Jim can make appearances too - but I've got to keep the dirty red bandana & harmonica!


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