Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kit Kelen - #408 - the invention of sex

the invention of sex

nothing described makes any sense
forests of fur, expanses of flesh
backhoe and dozer
this humility we sweat for

wasn't the first house
umbrella of breezes?
weren't first songs sung here?

single cell god

half a billion years of
stone come to leaf

just the last hour and a half of Earth's long day
when we measured by this still breathing
stamen and pistil

everything made melts
a dizzy stillness in the branches
are wings
and beak
and wet with want

sticky out
and sticky in

here's forever and a day
why finite hearts come yearning

call names and you come to them
a tentative violence alive with love
but will it last till lights are out?

It's as if slept in your long dark
the every tended dreaming track
the forest brings its way to light

you'll never rationalise the body

every sweet nothing
to lodge in a dream
in your head

pyjamas of the naked mind
show just the barest outline

all in the tree's green life
not a moment missing

and that's why
not just why we're here
but why we yearn for more


  1. That glorious imperative, "It's a joyful tune, if you play it in key." :)

  2. and the dark has romance - yes, glorious!


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