Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kit Kelen #397 - everything in the garden sings

everything in the garden sings

everything in the garden sings
and so you're lulled to hum too

all around's what soil has said
see up above us how we turn

melt – tread the maze to bright
there's nothing you can take as read

from this unfurling, droop and trail
wherever you stand the centre is

a garden has to have a seat
attend some simple whiff bliss at

then far applause – here comes sky
has it ever really fallen before?

puddle reflects a rhythm of branches
all the dance adept as if

a breeze were cast by court magicians
see branch, see leaf, see tree toss crown

underneath we sway to, lost
mere hours are told away

some days you get your back into
and loll upon the heat

wait for a result like Christmas
it's while you snooze the blooms obey

or, just as likely, are borne off
by nameless lost imaginings

colour pours over each uncertain season
a scribbling of tendril up, a scratching out

which paws? and here's a leaf's touch
it bends, it stretches and it burns

the animals are mostly absent
as I myself am more indoors

who's garden?
that's the always asking

but come now to the peering in
and up to see which blue is

lilt with, take these steps of tune
like rhythm left of what was rain

so hear the garden – it's all wings
someone says 'darling, I'm home'

'can I believe it's you?'
news of the world won't make it this far

all fidelities are compost
everything in the garden sings

even the turning worm
and the one cut

belts it out for love and life,
for itself and what-the-hell, for you

because I say so
so it is

words lose themselves
just to be sung

everything rounds upon
even moons are gone in leaf

everything in the garden sings
that's how you are lulled from

you're not the only heart beats here
but you're a stillness too

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