Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kit Kelen #411 - make believe - for godsbother

make believe

pretend it's a mind like ours made us, made ours
that can't be hubris
that won't even count as superstition

what's memory
without the names?
raft the flood has

how else could?

it's true names
are an arbitrary instance
could just as well be wild, just be

wind will blow
without the window
but how's a soul to glimpse it?

here's the hard cold
here's the wet fall
over here dry footing

the further
from a name
we've set
the more
we see

we need
these crutches

the new words
catch a book by the tail
sit on it
will the truth come?

it's in the bucket
flapping about
the way we would
if there were
nothing to breathe

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