Monday, February 20, 2017

Kristen de Kline #62 - heavy heart

hearts are growing,
we're all writing the same thing:
beyond words
don't make me laugh don't make me cry
what weighs the heart down
rusty cages      something
nine inch nails     hardening inside

You know what  a hungry heart is
I'm loving     smoking
     again     burning
holes     the size of a fifty cent coin
in fabric     reclining
under the stars
that keep     falling

but a    heavy heart
I don't     understand
your jeans are decorated with drops
     of blood, like tears
      on our heads
you're thinner than you should be
I'm not saying goodbye
every t-shirts got a
     wine stain
you're drinking merlot from cheap plastic
tumblers     reciting Bukowski:
When you drank the world was still out there ...
that's as far as you get

morning doesn't break     it comes
whenever    wherever
it happens to
you're still quoting Bukowski     downing another red:
... but for the moment it didn't have you by the throat
you go out every night sleep all day     shout out
to the blue summer
sky     something about     the unbearable lightness of
the world still out there    
stars that keep falling

I could count the girls I fell for
     on one hand
our hearts are growing, heavier
punching in the same phrase:
beyond words beyond words beyond words
     seven hours and fifteen days
she was on that hand
     nothing can take away these blues
someone was falling     it could have been me

out of sight     don't disappear    
I'm not saying goodbye
the world was still out there     shed your skin    
make me laugh      make me cry
I'm not typing the words     heavy heart
top up the tumblers   throw me the lighter
I'm not saying goodbye


  1. A tear, that I will admit, dear Kristen...

  2. Thanks so much Rob :) there's a few tears here too - I fear that 'heavy heart' will only generate more poems and more tears!


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