Monday, February 6, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 351 (Something series, next...)

# 351-Something series    (Sète 30 juillet 2016 … Carcès 16 août 2016)

Gropingly but without searching
hands slightly touch and grasp SOMETHING
a splinter of a sticking out story
a piece of reality within reach
to be fathomed instantly

This might well be a declaration of love
is-it circumstantial
necessarily contingent …
This scarf slipping down
could be the event from which
time is stepping back to leave us
the whole setting sun and my legs
taken to your heels

The blind crossing
danses and outdistances  
it’s in the eyes
that poems are written. 

A tâtons mais sans rien chercher
les mains effleurent et s’emparent de QUELQUE CHOSE
un éclat de l’histoire qui fait saillie
Détaché : un morceau de réel
mis à votre portée
à saisir dans l’instant

Ceci pourrait être la déclaration d’un amour
est-il circonstanciel …
nécessairement contingent… 

Cette écharpe glissée
pourrait être l’événement
à partir duquel le temps
recule pour nous laisser tout
le couchant et mes jambes
à ton cou

La traversée en aveugle
danse et distance
c’est dans les yeux
que s’écrivent les poèmes.


  1. we need tweezers for those splinter stories

    nice to keep the poems eye to eye

  2. I enjoyed this something series piece - I couldn't always link the fragments of the splinter series (the detached piece of reality, the declaration of love, the scarf slipping down, the blind crossing) but that didn't detract from the vividness and power of the poem and it's fragmentary, rhizomatic meandering.

  3. I love the 'whole setting sun and my legs taken to your heels'. Great work. Keep going x

  4. yes, that third stanza is amazing, Beatrice - encompasses so much visually/theoretically including the temporality of poetry in comparison to the temporality of narrative and how we project and identify with the metonymic/metaphoric play in both. As always, your semiotic insights together with your emotional intelligence at work.

  5. Thanks to you all, I've been "gone" for awhile, too much on my plate, but I'm coming back and happy to reconnect with the 365+1 circle!! You're great and irreplaceable!


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