Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kerri Shying R #466 - like a pioneer discover on the way

I’m preparing     deadlines  and events
movement  in  preparation for the city
 and the train    can’t carry much  besides  my pills
in webster paks   night braces  warm things
 writing things  my walking frame

 like a pioneer    discover on the way

Woy Woy the best disabled toilet on the coast
it has this  round feature window  it overlooks the
river and mangroves    stalking birds   blue sky
and mountains leering in     a place that leaves
a smirk  of secrecy  in my pocket   just in case


  1. nothing like a feature window in yer pocket!

  2. the Hydro Majestic Megalong View dunny of my childhood, though it did have stairs


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