Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kit Kelen #896 - one day and the next (two poems)

one day and the next

least light

the day so fast
the year sat up

sludge trudge
of where no one will shine

it's like we're going
down into winter
one biscuit at a time

then let's play find the wallaby
kamikaze in the dam

not even whiffy

the day so fast
it's done

5° in sunshine

lichen lit

steam rose
fronded off

dew thick
and sparkle
of first frost

and all that's sunbuilt
still here to rise again
nothing will rot now
there's pond where a whole world's fallen in

the season like grass set light

in hollows by
and spotted first

now everything is lifted

conditions clear

someone must take off

there has to have been fire

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