Friday, June 22, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 470 before the ground becomes warm enough to sit on bare-bummed

I will plant you twice over     although I put it off   each morning
thinking to wait that one  day longer   this pressure-cooker 
knowledge urging     plant them round with Sage
before the   cutworms  turn to  tiny white-winged  moths
before the sun   grows more brazen in the day 

before the ground becomes warm enough to sit on   bare-bummed

and everything  sucks     green vampires with wild upside-down
heads of fine white thready hair    submerged in that loam
going for it like diners  at the all-you-can-eat buffet     if you
don’t move them   thin the cabbage   the broccoli     the cauli
no fish poo will save you    from the job you left undone


  1. i have about 4 packets of bulbs that I should have planted out 2 months ago reproaching me sad faced from behind the closed cupboard I hide them in. I see them behind my eyelids

    1. Venessa if that isn't the start of a poem I don't know what is. Write it JUST LIKE THAT.

  2. but let's not underestimate that fish poo

  3. bring on the composting dunny!


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