Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 467 I have the wrong skin for this job now

since you died I have been in love   a few times
from afar    heart-wise   though proximity
was achieved   now and then to skin   to the warm
sigh of another  I felt a gaze   pass over me 
like sonar  restless  then move on

I have the wrong skin for this job     now

made up of overlapping plates   an armadillo
with a pear’s flesh   all that hacking   with the
hatchet   to get through  takes the appetite
off the eating     every time    we begin another autopsy  
on this corpse  I’m still alive


  1. is there skin
    between the skins
    space inside
    the plates
    the heart
    within the kitten
    on a piece of wool
    in a box
    on the warm bed
    just sleeping

  2. need the special saurian restorative cream

  3. That just made me cry a little bit.


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