Sunday, June 10, 2018

Rob Schackne #671 - "How nice if"

How nice if
I were a painter
and could open this

it looks like
a white door
the new poem

the pretty bird
dropping seeds
on tomorrow

the highway
to heaven that
has a few dips

so still
not even a breeze
look at them fall

is it time
are you on edge
is it your turn

fire but not fire
forest but not forest
pollinate and plant

pretty noisy
once we all
get cracking


  1. sanding at the edges
    noise amplifies
    that cracking light

  2. but I wouldn't be a pie man if I wasn't very well
    would you?


    1. ring a little bell
      oh the lovely smell
      more than I can tell
      but only good in parts


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