Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 472 the comparison to a stallion hurts on contact

 the second coming of Christ   as likely as any man
 home too late  with a badly bald tyre      the kids
 still only wanting him    to read the bedtime story
 wife   teeth grinding    on the hard slog   of pre-school
 bullshit   coming once on   zyprexa   will do him fine 

the comparison to a stallion hurts  on contact

ignores the small marshmallows  he shops for
knowing that   they like the pink ones more than white
and yes   there is a difference in the texture   one is far
more like rubber  than the other      who sweats now
if that is god    then bottle me   the  virtue  name the price


  1. Ah. Dear Kerri, that is so fine!

  2. is that the zyprexa Xerxes used
    (back in the day)?

    1. Xerxes was on Zoloft I believe. Hera was on Aropax until she got changed over to Cimbalta. She said she got nowhere on either of them and it just made her more depressed.


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