Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 469 I am a bulldog with a peanut mumbling on the nothings

embalmed in the blazing rutilated moon  in my can’t-sleep space
legs akimbo  arms in windmill positions  pets  lavishly deployed
for comfort   for love   for the weight of their small bodies   and the way
that soaks  into my nervous system   to say   you are safe
be still let the thing go    mind    a churning mucky weir 

I am a bulldog with a peanut   mumbling on the nothings

waiting out the solstice hours  crushing on the sunlight
like some curl-headed  girl lover  on the surfer     I’m the
board  rising and falling   up the coastal tide  before
the waxen cuticle of dawn-light  presses colours
through the blotter   morning leaves    engraved upon the eye


  1. a churning murky weir
    waiting out the solstice hours
    the waxen cuticle of dawn-light

    that is so fine Sis

  2. wax me a cuticle, wouldya Dawn?
    ta love
    um just rutilated

    Rutilated Quartz is a transparent Quartz with golden yellow Rutile inclusions that are in hairlike growths. The Rutile inclusions range from thin, sparse, and parallel, to thick, dense, and crisscrossed, and everything in-between. Each Rutilated Quartz gemstone is unique in its pattern of Rutile inclusions.

  3. I love rutilated quartz. In Inverell, they call it it the grass crystal


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