Monday, June 18, 2018

We don't need no stinking white knight

The power of luggage

We are the strong and the vunerable. 
We trust we get betrayed we get hurt. 

We are the brave and the fearful. 
We stick our necks out we get whammed. 

Much as we fear the pain we will do it again as the loss of self in hiding is more than we are willing to suffer. 

We have baggage sometimes its heavier than others. 

We seek not the white knight who will charge up, slash away our baggage (along with probably some skin) swing us up on the back of their white horse and gallop off into the sunset. 
Because the sun will rise on another day and you cannot ride on forever. 

We don't want a damn porter to follow behind and carry our baggage. 
We will leave you behind blithely encumbrance free having learnt nothing.

We want someone to walk with us, own baggage exposed. 
Someone to cheer us on. Hold our hands when our fingers get numb from picking at the knots. 
To hold us gently and wipe away the tears when the pain is too much. 
And be there to help us up when the weight of it brings us to our knees, steady us, and start us forward again. 

Then my darling let us do the same for you. 
One may travel faster when you travel alone. 
But those that travel together will travel further. 


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