Sunday, June 3, 2018

Thirty Summers # 134 Claine Keily

To nap in the afternoon, to marvel at starfall are acts of rebellion by someone born a 'she', a she who has parents chained to a life working in shops. Today I create a revolution made out of the dreams I have of sloth, while I wash carpets and feed the animals by hand so as they can be warm, their bellies full of sunny hay.

Weekends are made of this, for I drive so far to my workplace and I am then hammered down by the children who want only to practice cruelty or to play. I am making a practice of learning to see in their behaviour a job I never planned for, in which I no longer teach literature, but rather sharpen my skills at knowing when to praise and when to walk away.

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  1. and
    hammocked in th full sun come
    hammered with the evening was
    the sloth


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