Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kit Kelen #889 - first study for knock knock or what we say at the border

first study for
knock knock
what we say at the border

for A Field Guide to Australian Clouds

rain with stars shone
trees weep here

let run where it will
a downhill rain
a road in
tram to the city

a flail
and I remember you
back in the dream

once winged and soar

a people over borders to breathe

look down in yours
in one ear and out

and ever up the creature went
as if there were beyond

let a sky fall
what other hope?

well, tear up
throw to these deeps

just one bomb
never just the one

I can't remember here
and that could be a flag of me

a window to and through
we touched

in mortar fire
and duck grenade

knock knock

into those eyes look up look down
pants falling and on fire

who's there?

and sometimes
will I wave?

once upon
and in a while
among the mines
say tender foot

could be your sister
mother once
and all ours

rough grunt become a tune
and parts
and moments gone

sometimes see you on the street
and will I wave?

what do we say at the border?
that there is none?
there's just the wash-up here
it's how

be worded
and we'll know

womb telling
so secret few we are to it
must have been back then

just this 'you' to say
and so, by such awful means

themes run up against them
all this orchestra's a world
shake hands
and wash before

and here, the fled - knock knock
the more-and-always-more

and are you firstly far?
all wet behind

as the seas fill with plastic
as the heavens dim from view

count -- seven still?

time falls in the picture
knock knock
who cares?

it's only me reflected
more and less than that

no bells ringing yet?
pull this other then

consider the vast expanse
all weather
and keeps coming

weeks like this
months maybe
head clears and see
it's here we are
you too

a bad chest
a wound come with me
recipe where I remember
and half a letter
this torn scarf
all meaning

knock knock

did ever a bomb fall?
let the rifle speak
come to the older sense of words

imagine the forest is no one's
stands its own few feet

no reception there

first there's all gormless
under you go
a knack
then it comes fast to you
the knowing to do

arm to arm
house to house
work up a sweat and you're here

someone thinks not though
you have to be buried
that's when a bomb will fall for you
because in sleep we are together

in the forever land
come to a more careful time

I can't remember here

what if you were the remedy?

one day as if always here
and knock on wood
fare well
then we may say
well met

look left look right
and look again
cagey with a road

then in a while
and once upon
sun so struck me
like a day bulb knew

your eyes in which mine shone
shine still
and I could fell a tear

caught cloud once by the wisp
come out with my axe and my saw

rain with stars shone
trees weep here

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