Monday, June 4, 2018

Kit Kelen #886 - two mother ones - inventory of you and webster pack

two mother ones 

inventory of you

the book of mother was and did

so many things piled
each a decision

up for
once proud
twice shy

with the tooth
that sine qua non
of pirate you

Bob's your uncle

the nursery rhyme with
things people won't say anymore
so much hidden away

the cupboards
and the table tops

once part kiss
and arms to hold
like Billy-o

mares eat oats and does eat oats

a clever quip you were
now so much underwear

o toreador, don't spit on the floor
snatch song from inside out the air

wise saws, most inherited
were gold were then
grandfather said
wash hands before and after reading

and go outside to play
seen and not heard

some unworthy half thought
formed from a bigoted age
becomes a hunch, takes hold
in absence of
little lambs eat ivy

don't bite
don't give them the satisfaction

the mad woman's washing
was always hung straight

and motherhood
let's not forget
that was a statement she made

all bags to Vinnies now

but let me make you once-was
tuck cosy into that

I dream old friends back to life
won't you come home Bill Bailey?
and nothing to mar our joy

I dreamt the milk was off
I couldn't smell it though

webster pack

what day is it today?
how many in the week?

this one for pain
and here's the clock stop

for the heart
and for the blood
this one cause you're too sweet

words will no longer be spelt
or what you call it

whole month here
this one with water
this one with wine

down you all go
I'm young when once
why not?

what if a month is Sundays
what if a blue moon

once upon
having survived amazement

run the machine
the sun is shining

swallow these down
and live

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