Sunday, June 24, 2018

Rob Schackne #685 - A Tour of My Photographic Subjects

A Tour of My Photographic Subjects

Paid your money
so you might as well
see there is the creek
the water level is low
that old shopping cart
you see it's still lying there
it was by that tree last week

there's the bridge the odd pipe
the ducks that won't stay still

there's the fence 50 shots
most of them I deleted
puddles check tiles check
bricks with names on them
100 shots of autumn leaves
check check 50 shots there

there's the wall there's the bird
and 50 shots somewhere else
the sky too yes look there it is

never comes out right what
yes dusk isn't the best time

you can't see much in the dark 
you're right the wood pile 50 shots
just lucky I guess accidental
most of them I deleted
the towels casually draped 
no no they're not mine
no no you see I just rent

where am I from anyway
no no not from here
why is this my business
a shot of you all now thanks 

I think this tour is over


  1. It was worth the ticket
    discarded as it was
    the vending creek


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