Thursday, May 26, 2016

#146 Kevin Brophy 'Gone but not gone'

#146 ‘Gone but not gone’

This is to let you know
we found the mouse.

It was on the floor
of the wardrobe
under the black hose
of the vacuum cleaner,
its tiny belly full of green poison
and its head once swimming
in a final mousy confusion
lifted a little
as if to sniff what cannot be reached.

It was soft to pick up, but still held
its shape and colour,
a furriness too
that told of a life of rubbing
round corners, squinches and shelves.

Yes, the mouse has been thrown out
into the sandy yard in a plastic bag
held down by a rock.

A smell, though, persists
in the walls, in the floor,
and along the edges of one door.
We wait and hope now

to become so used to it
that it will disappear in time.

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