Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #148 With Lizz

still life
(a table of bottles merge reflect rub 
invite like a Michaela James' painting)
graffiti edge frame behind you
this could be an older style cafe
booths and 60s orange vinyl
(we date everything by colour,
Lizz and I)

here we are
not meeting virtually
here we are
being here together
a return of a history
of before work, early off
bus mornings
over manuscripts, fragments

now I write on my phone
a poem a day wherever
on whatever I have,
you've got a notebook, I
point at my name in your words
push my fingertip on the S
(recognise it wrong way round)
I’m all over the place as always
not writing but reading yours
you cross out a word next to Sarah.
Goddesses, I’m laughing now,
I’ve got a kestrel and a testicle confused
in your beloved handwriting
I’m reading upside down

we agree to agree
this shade is a better shade of orange
than in the 60s


  1. I'm reading through the poems backwards, and am surrounded by a swoop of orange testicles. Or a gyre thereof.

    1. Thanks, Lizz. As to cafes, I prefer being alone & eavesdropping.

    2. Nothing like a good eavesdrop :) :)

  2. I too read Lizz's poem first, throughly enjoyed both. Oh, I miss café writing with friends. I do it on my own these days; will have to stir up some of the local writers and see who answers the call.

    1. Wishing you happy writerly cafe gatherings Rosemary - great to meet you.

  3. How lovely, and the photos of you two are lovely too, Lizz. You've made my morning :)

  4. Sarah this made me laugh with absolute pleasure. What fun!

  5. thank you for mentioning my paintings Sarah. I love this poem. It mirrors my own recent "return of a history
    of before work"
    Its so full of joy in coming together, in shared experiences and ways of seeing. Thank you for posting.

  6. Michaela, I find it so interesting that when you have been engaging with someone's art regularly, you then see it (or I do) when out in the world. That table of bottles filled with water immediately recalled your work to me, and I looked for things in them I may not have, how they touched, what I could ee through them, so thanks to you too!

  7. I loved the Michaela James connection in your poem Sarah ... and the feeling that 365 + 1 is following us everywhere :)


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