Friday, May 27, 2016

Robbie Coburn & Michele Seminara: Collaboration #8

Circle One  (Robbie Coburn)

those desolate pastures
the wind secures the dancing wattles 
unshaped and rusting, 
bark fraying from their trunks, 

a lack of coloration is no irregularity,
stuck in the line of fire
as it electrifies the buried voices 
of ancestors who create captives,
binding the collar from the body to the neck,
beneath the continual storm, all being fixed to chains

out at Woodstock the smoke descends,
the doused air dives into itself

becomes a spire of ash rising
the light peers through cloud
where human flesh seeds the inferno.

The Harrowing  (Michele Seminara)

the body an inferno;
buried ancestors' voices 
rising through the spire 
of the neckelectrifying flesh 
into fire. 

captive in those human pastures
being dives into itself
descends through binding seed 
becomes the light. 

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  1. I love the Dantesque landscape and the way the horror permeates everything. Very uncomfortable. And harrowing is such a great word to explore. I really enjoyed this, thank you both.


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