Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Michaela James: #31 Norwegian Landscape – glaze on ceramic tile.

Thank you Kit for inviting me to post on your wonderful blog for the month of May. 
I am signing off with a work I did on returning from Norway in 2012. 
I wanted to find an alternative to painting to express the landscape. 
I used ceramic glaze on ceramic tile – the image only revealed itself after firing in the kiln.


  1. The month has flown...I have enjoyed your works so much, Michaela. I hope you post more of your wonderful stuff, if only now and then. (This is a tough gig!) I'll be looking out for your work. :)

  2. I too have enjoyed your work so much it has been such a pleasure to encounter your paintings every day, and to learn about your work this way. :)

  3. Farewell and thank you Michaela. I have looked forward to your paintings every day this month. Hope to see you back.

  4. That is gorgeous! Thanks for being with us.

  5. Thank you all SO much for your wonderful comments. I am full of enthusiasm to continue. Really hope to be back on this blog sometime! Will continue to consume 365+1 every day.

  6. So very glad that your work has been loved as it should be - keep on posting now and then Mich!


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