Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #146 in the glass

in the glass of water
on the black glass table
book spines pantone
concertina fold in light
in fluid  

at a reading in the library
foyer, I listen and thirst
never sated
all the words and stories
I will never drink
the spirals of shelves
recollections shaped
we wonder at

I watch the glass and listen
meniscus brink
shades, refractions
the distraction of beauty
storm at the window
flint clouds
lip print moon on rim
blur of print within
the water in the glass
magnifies, distorts
images of books
the image of worlds

spoken words
fragments read out loud
enter us, we question them
they fracture in the glass
on the dark glass table
the books’ split 
a symbol an image
I ask for the glass to be
returned so I can catch it
make it memory
pass it on, but
what I see and hear
eludes me


  1. I identify with this, and love how well you've described the thirst for beauty in alluding to other images on the blog.

  2. lovely poem and interesting about the elusiveness of ideas for poems


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