Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #146 Moonshadow

If I lost my hands my arms
the use of them
the cords and pulleys that arrange their movements
the dexterous little and the graceful large
the clever manipulations
the solid strength
I could still construct poetry

If I lost my eyes
and all the pretty pictures
coloured silhouettes ranged in ascending order
in front of my binocular sights
I could still see the shape of words

If I lost my legs
to take me where I willed
with such speedy eagerness
to reach me up with such high accessibility
I could still lie low and assemble poems

If I lost my voice and hearing
my outgoing
my incoming
poems could still conduit
through me
If I lost my mouth poems would be all the louder
If I lost my ears poems would still find their way to me

and still I would be able to write poems
until I lost my mind
and being lost myself
would become one


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